Pope Francis Announces Video Series for Social Media

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
“We are all children of God”: Pope stresses interfaith unity in first prayer video.

As part of a global Jesuit-run prayer network, Pope Francis will be delivering his monthly prayer intentions on video and over social media.

Pope Francis Announces Video Series for Social Media[/tweetthis]

The new video messages officially begun on January 6, 2015, which is considered to be the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord. The messages will feature the pope requesting action and prayers on numerous challenges the world is facing today.

On January 4, Jesuit Father Frederic Fornos told the Vatican radio that he believes people are often inundated with such a large amount of much bad news, that they may tend to feel helpless and/or hopeless, but that praying together with Pope Francis for worldly challenges will help a lot.

The Jesuit priest heads the international Apostleship of Prayer, which is a Jesuit-run outreach. It has given the pope’s monthly prayer intentions to Catholics since 1890.

In cooperation with the Vatican Television Center, the Apostleship will be launching the videos of the Pope’s universal prayer intentions monthly, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Pope will be speaking in Spanish, the videos will have subtitles for a total of 10 languages, Father Fornos said.

Pope Francis’ general prayer intentions for 2016 will be including:
  • More support for families in difficulty
  • Greater care for creation
  • Just compensation for small farmers
  • Helping sports contribute to peace
  • Greater respect for women and indigenous peoples
  • Encouraging journalists to respect truth and be more ethical
  • An end to the use of child soldiers
  • Greater support for countries that take in refugees


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