The Reality of Virtual Meetings

During the virus quarantine, I’ve attended church services in Houston, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Harlem, all from my home office, and I'm attending online

White Nationalist Arrested for Posting Hate Video Threating a Jewish Center

White Nationalist Arrested for Posting Hate Video Threatening a Jewish Center

James Patrick Reardon has been charged with aggravated menacing and telecommunications harassment. James Patrick Reardon of New Middletown, Ohio has been charged with aggravated

Jewish School Makes a Heavy Metal Video

Jewish School Makes a Heavy Metal Video

Wise wanted its students to connect more with Jewish history Faculty members of Southern California's Jewish Wise school decided to strengthen their students' connection

Watch an Atheist, Priest, and Rabbi Smoke Weed Together and Talk God

A Social Experiment Finds Out How Weed Can Impact Discussions between People from Varying Backgrounds. Gathering a bunch of people with varying beliefs into

2016 Christian Movie Favorites and 2017 Christian Movies Coming Soon

Barna Group media study: Christians and the big screen. 2016 marked a great year for the film industry, especially in America. Of interest is

Watch Radiohead’s “Burn the Witch”: Witchcraft, Burning Man, and Groupthink

Radiohead's return with "Burn the Witch" touches on witchcraft and the mob mentality. Fans who have eagerly awaited the comeback of Radiohead are in

Carl W. Röhrig

How a Swiss Artist Found Peace and Stability in Scientology

With the help of Scientology, Swiss artist Carl W. Röhrig unlocks his creativity to develop a fanciful view of life. With an impish grin,

Pope Francis Announces Video Series for Social Media

"We are all children of God": Pope stresses interfaith unity in first prayer video. As part of a global Jesuit-run prayer network, Pope Francis

lego year of mercy

The Year of Mercy: In Lego-Vision!

Father Roderick's video breakdown of the Holy Year of Mercy using Legos. Father Roderick recently published a brief video breakdown of the Holy Year

Gibran Malik

Gibran Malik Facebook Viral Video Proclaims All Muslim Leaders in the World Are Cowards

An American Muslim pleads with Muslim leaders to address the problems that run rampant in the Islamic community today. In a video posted to