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Gibran Malik Facebook Viral Video Proclaims All Muslim Leaders in the World Are Cowards

Gibran Malik
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An American Muslim pleads with Muslim leaders to address the problems that run rampant in the Islamic community today.

In a video posted to his Facebook account last Friday, New Yorker Gibran Malik delivers a passionate 6-minute rant on Muslim leaders, world politics, and why Islam has become so corrupt.

He says all Muslim leaders are corrupt and the “blame game” they’re all using is not rooted in the Quran. Malik says Islam teaches to reflect on oneself when there are problems, however, Muslim leaders are pointing the finger elsewhere.

to all the muslim leaders in the world..

Posted by Gibran Malik on Friday, October 16, 2015

He repeatedly asks “What kind of Islam is this?” Speaking to nonviolent Muslims, he says “The Islam that you understand is different from the Islam of the terrorists. Don’t feel like you need to defend them. You don’t. Their Islam, their understanding of Allah is totally different from yours. It’s not real Islam.”

He talks about the problem of extremists and says Muslims must fix the problems within Islam before they get involved with other countries.

“You’re all cowards. You’re all phonies.”

Many of the comments on the video are in support of Malik’s views.

Malik started a community last year called A Common Accord, whose mission is to “share knowledge and appreciation of each other’s traditions and opinions while holding to the common principle of Monothiesm.”

New Video Says All Muslim Leaders in the World Are Corrupt[/tweetthis]

Yesterday, he posted a thank you video to everyone who has shared the video so far.

A Quick Thank You Video to Everyone who watched my Video On Muslim Leaders.. Share this to all who liked that last one.. Peace Be Unto You All.

Posted by Gibran Malik on Thursday, October 22, 2015

“You can’t take the apple from the tree and then blame the devil for all your problems.”[/tweetthis]


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