Chelsea Clinton Says it Would be “Un-Christian” to Oppose Abortion

Chelsea Clinton Says it Would be “Un-Christian” to Oppose Abortion

Chelsea Clinton Says it Would be “Un-Christian” to Oppose Abortion
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Clinton faced a fierce conservative backlash for her views.

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former United States President Bill Clinton and his wife, the Democratic 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said it would be “unchristian” and also “unconscionable” for abortion rights to be rolled back. She made these comments during her interview on the Signal Boost program on SiriusXM. The hosts had asked her how she remained optimistic in her fight to keep abortion access legal. She said she has made the moral choice to be optimistic for the sake of her children.

Chelsea Clinton Says it Would be “Un-Christian” to Oppose Abortion[/tweetthis]

The former first daughter elaborated on her stance while talking about the Roe v. Wade landmark decision taken by the Supreme Court. The Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 prodded the U.S. Government to establish a rock-solid constitutional right on abortion matters. Pro-choice abortion activists are now afraid that Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald J. Trump's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, represents a challenge to this progressive rule as the Judge is a known conservative. Kavanaugh's confirmation will lead to the conservative majority in the Supreme Court. Such a court could restrict access to abortion.

Chelsea elaborated on her views, saying when she considers the painful statistics, and the troubles women faced before the pro-Roe judgment, and the number of women maimed due to unsafe abortion practices, she thinks it is impossible to revert to that era. She added she is fully aware of the fact any frank exchange of views like this one will launch yet another wave of intense hatred towards her direction.

Chelsea Clinton is familiar with conservative backlash and their ferocity. After an August abortion rights event she encountered a hate-filled blowback for giving the argument that reproductive rights of women are by nature linked to their economic and agency rights. Hardline conservatives have compared her to Nazis and slave owners for her statement. Her fault was that she had the courage to point out that women's ability for full societal participation depends on their ability to make independent choices when it comes to their bodies and by extension, their families. Chelsea's prediction of a conservative hate-filled response came true soon after the interview. Christian websites like The Babylon Bee parodied her. On Twitter, she was called a Satanist. In response, the former first daughter tweeted that it is possible for a person to be a devout Christian and yet support women’s rights to abortion.


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