The Baha’i Laws Are Designed to Help, Not Control

The Baha’i Laws Are Designed to Help, Not Control

The Baha’i Laws Are Designed to Help, Not Control

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One of the great issues that people have struggled with in regards to faith is about the religious doctrine that guides them.[/tweetit] After all, it seems as though there are a lot of laws in religion that are not necessarily designed to promote the well-being and faith of the members, but instead seeks to control them.

The Baha’i Laws Are Designed to Help, Not Control[/tweetthis]

The Baha’i faith is one that has worked hard to reduce the creation and application of religious laws that are controlling for their people. One particular area of faith that they do not interfere with is the choice in religious beliefs. There is no desire for the adherents to pressure people to become a part of their religion, and the members of the religion are not allowed to force anyone to join.

In some ways, the Baha’i laws are a lot more respectful of the secular world while still adhering to religious rules governing personal freedom and the individual relationship to God. Interestingly enough, the Baha’i faithful are concerned with creating a civilization that respects the concept of justice both on the personal and societal levels.

The Baha’i are looking to create a faithful civilization where people will not have the need to hurt or harm one another. Ultimately, the laws that are made to govern mankind and many religions have one thing in common. They seek to deter crime by offering severe and life-altering punishments as a way of meting out justice.

However, the religious teachings of the Baha’i take a different approach. They want a supportive and loving community that doesn’t seek retaliation but works to create a mindset where people will love each other and avoid crimes without fear. Instead, they would understand how crime and causing pain undermines a good life.

These differences in laws are very significant between religions, but it is a sign that there are changing mindsets in the realm of religion. Some of the faithful would rather see a community of people working to help each other overcome the parts of their life that lead them towards destructive behaviors. Others want to serve justice through punishment; it is up to the people to decide what kind of community works best to deter injustice.


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