81 Baha’i Faith Counsellors Form Divine Plan for 2016


The 2015 yearly Baha’i conference developed “lofty” goals for the future.

The Baha'i Continental Board of Counsellors conference ended on January 2, 2016. The concluding hours saw the Universal House of Justice giving a message to Baha'is all across the world. The conference, which began on December 29, 2015, enabled a worldwide conversation with regards to the next stage of development of the Baha'i communities across the world.

81 Baha’i Faith Counsellors Form Divine Plan for 2016[/tweetthis]

The conference began with 81 senior officers belonging to the Baha'i faith from all over the world arriving at the Baha'i World Centre. The individuals, termed Counsellors, had consulted the development of the international Baha'i community across the world in the coming years. The Counsellors had visited Baha'i Shrines along with a number of places linked with the faith for spirituality and inspiration to prepare for the consultations.

The conference was held for over five days and the Counsellors debated on the development path which comes when the Baha'i communities gain knowledge. The teachings of Baha'u'llah can be applied to a large distribution of social settings. This can extend from extreme remote villages to densely populated urban centers. The teachings can also be applied across a number of diverse cultural realities.

The consultations, bolstered by a message communicated by the Universal House of Justice, and distributed to the proper audience, touched a variety of themes. These themes included how the educational process which creates capacity for humanitarian services could be strengthened. It also includes how its reach can be multiplied. Others described how the rising numbers of organizational arrangements come as increasing numbers of people start to participate in the effort of building communities. With the increase of complexity, the community's innate devotion can be enhanced for worship gatherings. It can also find bases in communities and then multiply. It sparks a desire of service for common good.

A total number of 81 counsellors are appointed by Universal House of Justice every five years. They organize the work via five Continental Boards. This conference is held a short time after the new appointments have been made. The Continental Counsellors and associated Auxiliary Board members are charged with a number of functions related to propagation and protection of faith. These counsellors receive guidance from International Teaching Center. The latter's aim encompass the entire globe.

These discussions explored the contribution efforts to community revitalization in a large number of localities distributed over the planet. They hope these efforts will contribute to the betterment of society.


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