Bill Maher and Michael Moore Want To Make ‘Kings of Atheism’ Documentary


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Maher and Moore reveal plans to make a new documentary called Kings of Atheism.

The much-talked about discussion for a new movie concept titled Kings of Atheism was made by Bill Maher on the Friday, May 13 episode of the show Real Time with Bill Maher, during an internet exclusive overtime segment.

Bill Maher and Michael Moore Want To Make ‘Kings of Atheism’ Documentary[/tweetthis]

Maher, who is an avid atheist is the host of the show. He is also popularly known for his anti-faith documentary Religulous. The film is still one of the top 15 highest grossing documentaries in the world and the top grossing documentary film in 2008. The title is a clever wordplay between the words ‘religion’ and ‘ridiculous’. The film featured travels by Bill Maher to various religious destinations like Salt Lake, Jerusalem and the Vatican where he interviewed believers. It debuted at position 10 on the box office charts during its opening weekend.

During the show he expressed that his interest was primarily on religious issues and as such, he only intended to work on religion-themed projects. He further emphasized his atheist beliefs during the show by stating, “Religion is stupid and there is no God.” This was in response to a suggestion by his guest Michael Moore urging that he does more documentaries.

The movie announcement introduced the plan by Maher and Moore to make a movie based on the same concept as The Original Kings of Comedy by Spike Lee and the Latino Kings but in this instance it would be called, Kings of Atheism and it would be shot by Moore himself.

Four stand-up comedians are set to travel into the Bible belt and stage comedy shows with widely atheist themes. Potential members of the cast as named by Bill include Seth MacFarlane, Ricky Gervais, Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher.

Michael Moore who admitted to not being an atheist shooting the shows was described as an interesting twist by Maher. Moore joked to Bill that he and his atheist friends would have 10 days to convert him to their atheist ways as they would all be touring together in a bus. Moore is known for having made a number of films that promote his liberal views.

Bill Maher requested viewers to call out for the named comedians to join the show. He stated that comedians like his close friend Seth MacFarlane had been reluctant to sign up and it was up to the public to push him.

With the anticipation building around the film, the ball is in the court of the potential cast members. There has been suggestions from fans of other comedians who would fit the bill like Jim Jefferies and Patton Oswalt


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