Nusrat Qadir Lindsay Lohan

The Quran is meant for everyone, even Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan

Nusrat Qadir Lindsay Lohan

Featured Contributor Nusrat Qadir examines how the Muslim Holy Book can help Lindsay Lohan.

Thanks to pop media culture, many of us are aware that Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan has undergone a few turbulent years with interventions for her reform. During her most recent community service in Brooklyn, Lindsay was carrying a copy of the Holy Quran translation by Ahmadi Muslim Scholar Maulawi Sher Ali.

The photo went viral and there was conjecture as to whether or not Lindsay, who was raised Catholic, is converting to Islam. While much speculation was given on the matter, the answer is no. Ms. Lohan defines herself as spiritual and in the past has tried many different concepts of different religions. She currently has embarked on an “emotional detox from alcohol and dating” and perhaps the Quran is helping her with this process.

While the Quran is the central holy book of Islam, its scripture is not limited to Muslims alone. Based on the recognition Lindsay received from holding the Quran further understanding is needed as to why a non-Muslim would consider the Quran for spiritual guidance.

The Quran incorporates the religious teachings before its revelation and expands further upon them. By studying the Quran one could assume that perhaps Lindsay realizes its universal application. The Quran was revealed over 23 years to the Prophet Muhammad and is revered by Muslims as the direct word of God. This Holy Book, similar to others before it, is meant to help guide humanity in their spiritual and moral development. The teachings are also meant to establish social order and contains more “do’s than don’t’s” in its 114 chapters.

The first chapter, titled Al Fatiha, is the most recited chapter in the world memorized by the vast majority of Muslims. One would assume that the Prophet Muhammad would be the most mentioned name in the Quran, but in fact this distinction is given to the Prophet Moses who is mentioned 150 times. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned only four times while Jesus is mentioned 28 times and his mother Mary 31 times. The Quran is a source of knowledge and provides prayers that can be recited for its readers.

Lindsay recently posted two prayers from the Quran regarding knowledge on her Instagram account stating “O My Lord increase me in my knowledge” and “O Allah I ask you of knowledge that is of benefit.” She has cited these verses correctly and while no alterations in the Quran’s original Arabic scripture have transpired in its 1500 years of existence, translations at times can be misinterpreted.

Fortunately Lindsay holds a reputable translation of the Quran that has been praised to be very scholarly work by the Maulawi Sher Ali. This particular Quranic translation allows the reader to easily absorb the peaceful teachings and wisdom within its verses thanks to reformist teachings of the Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad founder of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Billions of Muslims follow the peaceful interpretation of the Quran, which is one that portrays peace and submission to the will of God and this may be what is attractive to non-Muslims like Lindsay. And while simply reading the Quran does not make anyone a Muslim, studying the most memorized book in the world could be just what Lindsay needs to help her transition to a balanced sense of spirituality.


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