Secular Coalition for America Hires Christian Leader Larry Decker

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
The Secular Coalition for America has hired Larry Decker to be their new executive director.

The Secular Coalition for America has hired Christian Larry Decker as the organization’s new executive director. According to Religion News Service, Decker, 40, was raised in an Independent Baptist Church but now identifies as “none.” Decker, however, is not an atheist. Like the majority of nones, he identifies as a Christian.

Secular Coalition for America hires Christian leader.[/tweetthis]

Decker said that one of his most important goals as the new executive director is to reach out to religious nones by focusing on shared values such as freedom, equality and inclusion.

“These are values we can use to unite diverse groups and help them see how our candidates can help the secular movement,” adding that the Secular Coalition for America can become “an extremely powerful voting bloc.”

Decker has previously worked for the Global Fund which tries to eradicate AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. He has also worked at the American Red Cross with government agencies, congressional entities and non-profits.

The Secular Coalition for America consists of 18 groups representing atheists, humanists and other non-believers. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the advocacy group has a total of about 500,000 members and chapters in all 50 states.


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