ISIS Fighter Christian

ISIS Fighter Converts to Christianity After Seeing Jesus

ISIS Fighter Christian

An ISIS fighter known for his brutal killing of Christians has converted to Christianity after dreaming of “a man in white” whom he believes was Jesus.

An unnamed ISIS fighter has converted to Christianity after he had a dream of Jesus, or what he thinks was Jesus. The story was told from him to a mutual from an YWAM worker in the Middle, who then was introduced to the fighter to speak with him further. An excerpt of the Voice of Martyrs Radio Network show discussion was posted to Christian Post in which the director of the YWAM organization shared the story. ISIS is a known organization in the Middle East who has slain their way across Northern Africa and the Middle East. They are known to target religious minorities, either killing them in brutal ways or forcing them to convert. The group has released videos of their beheadings, and made the “sexual violence and brutalization” of girls and women play a huge role in their ideology.

Fighter’s Dream and Conversion

Earlier this year, an ISIS fighter who has always enjoyed killing Christians in particularly brutal ways began to have dreams that spoke out to him. He told the YWAM leader in the Middle East about a “man in white” who would appear in his dreams and speak to him. He told the ISIS fighter that he was “killing his people”. As he continued his violence, he said he “started to feel really sick and uneasy” about it. He said that before killing one Christian man, the Christian gave him his Bible before he died. The dream that followed, he said, was Jesus asking him to become a follower of Christ. He had approached the YWAM members to ask to be a disciple.

VOM’s host, Todd Nettleton, urges Christians to refrain from writing off ISIS completely “as being out of reach of God’s grace.” Nabeel Quresh, writer of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, said that Muslim culture doesn’t show many as seeing themselves capable of speaking to God. The concept “is very Christian”, and typically, Muslims “ask God for guidance through dreams.”


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