In His Own Words, Mind Travel by Murray Hidary

Murray-HidaryMindTravel is an immersive music and meditation experience company created by composer and concert pianist Murray Hidary (you can check him out on his Tedx talk here). All the components – music, words, silence, visual cues – work synergistically to help participants connect with themselves and those around them.

When asked by World Religion News for his thoughts on the religious/spiritual aspect of these events, he shared the following with us:

With interest in personal transformation and self actualization becoming more pervasive, people are seeking access to higher states of consciousness, the divine and transcendent experiences. An additional trend is the population shift from rural to urban centers. Many people are turning away from traditional, institutionalized religion and finding resonance with alternative modalities including mystical alternatives. While mystical teachings and wisdom do exist deeply within the major religions, it may be harder for practitioners to access them in the current forms that major religions are taught and communicated.

With this, the temporal rituals that connect many with the divine and their community are more difficult to practice if practiced at all. With MindTravel I aspire to bring music as ritual into people’s lives, creating the space for deeper reflection and contemplation. The ingredients of MindTravel experiences typically include expansive music, nature and community. I have used this as my own personal practice for many years using the vibration of music to open up the mind and body on both the physical and emotional levels. Spiritual or transcendent experiences are available for those that can open up deeper. Many people report feeling healing from grief to the reduction of day to day stress and anxiety.

The future of spirituality clearly points towards people seeking a more direct experience of the divine. Music certainly is a part of that future.

More information:
Philip Glass: Symphony No. 3 (1st and 4th movements) – performed by Orchestra of Santa Monica
Wojciech Kilar: Orawa – performed by Orchestra of Santa Monica
Murray Hidary: Without for String Orchestra
Murray Hidary: MindTravel featuring Murray Hidary, piano
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