New Hip Hop Single by Muslim Activists Calls Out Hypocrites

Video Screenshot
Video Screenshot
Mona Haydar’s song attacks the difference between piety and patriarchy by Muslim males.

Syrian-American Mona Haydar’s new track “Dog” is filmed partially in a library. This makes complete sense because the song, like the artist, is about education. The song calls out both Muslim men and men in general on the critical dissonance of criticizing female behavior while acting in a similar matter or the objectification of the female body at the same time as criticizing female autonomy.

New Hip Hop Single by Muslim Activists Calls Out Hypocrites[/tweetthis]

Mona Haydar has focused on trying to work on education and empowerment. She is famous for her first song “Wrap My Hijab,” with 1.4 million hits on YouTube. The song is about the immediate judgement people give to those wearing the Hijab and that it should be a symbol of pride and not the single defining characteristic of the entirety of someone.

She and her husband also created the #AskAMuslim campaign. They would bring donuts out to a public area and engage the community to answer questions about being a Muslim, but also to have people have conversations and demystify the prejudice around the Muslim community. The campaign was featured in an episode of The Secret Life of Muslims.

The Secret Life of Muslims posted a Behind the Scenes video on the filming of the music video for “Dog.”

Islamophobia has had a dramatic increase in the United States. Hate crimes rose by 91%. Bias incidents rose by 24%. The Council on American-Islamic Relations stated it might be the worst year ever for such incidents.


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