Visit My Mosque Day -Make Space for Women

British Muslim Women Pushing for More Access to Mosques

Many mosques do not allow women to enter their premises. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has been in the forefront when it comes

Swiss burqa ban

Swiss to Vote on Burqa Ban

Required signatures all collected and sent to Bern Switzerland may be on its way to being yet another European nation to ban the application

New Hip Hop Single by Muslim Activists Calls Out Hypocrites

Mona Haydar's song attacks the difference between piety and patriarchy by Muslim males. Syrian-American Mona Haydar's new track “Dog” is filmed partially in

“What the Fatima?” MuslimGirl and ORLY Release a Nail Polish for Muslims

ORLY creates a new line of halal nail polish specifically for Muslim women. As the desire to welcome all cultures increases, mainstream corporations are

Hijabs in Sports: Nike will be Selling a Hijab, Maine School will be Offering Hijabs to their Athletes

Muslim women who had to use ordinary hijabs will finally find a comfortable respite in the Nike Pro Hijab. At a time when a

#MuslimWomensDay Celebration Hit with Backlash

First-ever Muslim Women’s Day celebrated and bashed. Monday was observed by Muslim women around the world as Muslim Women's Day[/tweetit], thanks to the initiative

Switzerland Votes No on Burqa Ban

Swiss government rejects burqa ban. An initiative to ban niqabs and burqas by Swiss People's party, a right-wing political party, has been rejected[/tweetit] by

Muslim Women Driving a Modest Fashion Revolution

Young Muslim women are creating a whole new trend in fashion by combining modern fashion with their religious traditions Muslim women, who have traditionally

Ginella Massa is Canada’s First Ever Hijabi News Anchor

Ginella Massa is the first Muslim reporter in a hijab to anchor a Canadian newscast. Ginella Massa made history in January 2015 when she

Women Allowed in Mosque for the First Time But Cannot Perform Rituals

1,000 year-old mosque welcomes women inside for the first time. Women Allowed in Mosque for the First Time But Cannot Perform Rituals[/tweetthis] Thazhathangady Juma