New Faith-Based Documentary Series Jeen‑Yuhs on Kanye West

Netflix has released Jeen-Yuhs, a faith-based documentary series on the career of musician Kanye West. The series covers his life and career beginning in

This Hip Hop Christmas TV Special Will Blow Your Mind

This Hip Hop Christmas TV Special Will Blow Your Mind

Snoop Dogg, DMX, Fifth Harmony, Boyz II Men Performed Showtime at the Apollo had a Christmas special that might change the way you think

Fergie’s New Music Video Has Strong Religious Overtones

Fergie says praying at church redeemed her. Singer and songwriter Fergie has been topping charts and selling out tours all over the world since

New Hip Hop Single by Muslim Activists Calls Out Hypocrites

Mona Haydar's song attacks the difference between piety and patriarchy by Muslim males. Syrian-American Mona Haydar's new track “Dog” is filmed partially in

Native Deen Rapping Against Islamophobia

Native Deen Rapping Against Islamophobia

Native Deen battles stereotypes with an uplifting message of Islam. "These kinds of things don't slow us down, it propels us." This is what

Muslim Hip-Hop Group Dance to Sway Islamophobia

Female Muslim hip-hop group dances to battle misconceptions about Muslim women. Amirah Sackett, an American following the Islamic faith and a hip hop dancer

Lecrae on How He Found A Christian Life

Hip Hop Lecrae on his journey to Christianity Lecrae is the next big name in the hip hop music industry. And for those who

Grammy Award Winner Kendrick Lamar on Purifying Hip-Hop: It’s a Calling

Christian Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar wins five 2016 Grammy Awards. Kendrick Lamar, who received five trophies for his acclaimed album, To Pimp a Butterfly

hoodie monk

Hoodie Monks, Use Hip Hop To Share Buddhist Wisdom

Priest Gomyo brings Buddhism to the world through hip hop. Could the introduction of hip hop in a Buddhist temple signify a new revolution

Rapper Bun B Online Course

Rapper Bun B will teach a free online religion and Hip-Hop culture course through Rice University

Bun B has done many collaborations, but this one is in an online classroom, not in the studio. This spring, Rapper Bun B will