Baba Brinkman Uses Rap To Explore Religion

Exclusive Interview: Rapper Baba Brinkman Explores Religion and Consciousness

Baba Brinkman Uses Rap To Explore Religion

New Album the Rap Guide To Consciouness Intersects Music and Science

Rappers use the term “dropping science” but you don’t hear the term used literally frequently. But Baba Brinkman has been releasing numerous albums intersecting complicated academic subjects with rap as an art form. These covered religions, climate change, and evolution to name a few. His most recent album is The Rap Guide To Consciousness .

Exclusive Interview: Rapper Baba Brinkman Explores Religion and Consciousness[/tweetthis]

Baba Brinkman tackles these subjects with “peer-reviewed rap.” He sends his lyrics to leaders in the field and asks them to provide any suggestions or changes to provide the most accurate information. The album will be transformed into a multimedia show that has as much in common with a TED Talk as a hip-hop show.

In an interview with World Religion News, Baba Brinkman spoke about the catchiness of rap as a unique medium, “rap has already worked out the tools to be emotionally engaging and keep attention…its punchlines, humor, and witty wordplay.”

The Rap Guide to Consciousness explores what is consciousness and the applications of popular theories. For example, on the track, “Cephalophile” the rapper is discussing integrated information theory, parallel evolution of analogous forms of intelligence, and the experience of using hallucinogens. “That song is too deep of a dive.” Each song is done through brainstorming and collaboration with Neuroscientist Anil Seth, who suggested the topic to Baba and is one of the scientific consultants.

The album seems designed to open up questioning and critical examination, rather than an attack on a particular belief system. “Our intuition fails us a lot of the time…just cause you feel it doesn’t mean it’s right.” He has recently been on a panel with Deepak Chopra, Micheal Shermer, and Mike Posner. He is open to collaborating with any faith-based performer or noted individual, as long as there is established common principles and “a sense of humor.”

What are his plans after the Rap Guide to Consciousness? Baba states that songs on his current album implant the next concept, with seems to be artificial intelligence, a topic he called “religion for nerds.”


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