Christian Rapper NF Tops the Charts

Christian Rapper NF Tops Billboard 200 Chart

Christian rapper hits #1 on Billboard 200. A Christian Rapper who goes by the name NF has upstaged Chance the Rapper on the Billboard

Thou Shalt Not Rap -Kenya Church Suspends Rapping Priest

Thou Shalt Not Rap: Kenyan Church Suspends Rapping Priest

Father Paul Ogalo was barred from public preaching for a year. A Kenyan Catholic priest has been suspended for rapping during sermons.[/tweetit] The priest,

Why Has Kendrick Lamar Has Been Baptized Twice?

Why Has Kendrick Lamar Been Baptized Twice?

Kendrick Lamar Might Be The Most Christian Rapper Of His Generation Musician Kendrick Lamar is a devout Christian. He has been baptized twice. The

This Is What Happens When You Give Awards To Anti-Semitic Rappers

Outrage Over Award Given to German Anti-Semitic Rappers

Music Industry Under Attack After German Rap Duo Wins Awards With References To Holocaust The German music industry is doing some rigorous self-examination after

Is Chance The Rapper The Biggest Christian Musician Today?

Is Chance The Rapper The Biggest Christian Musician Today?

Chance the Rapper is afraid of being labeled as an artist of a certain genre Chance the Rapper, a 24-year-old who has already won

Snoop Dogg is Releasing a Gospel Album?

Snoop Dogg is Releasing ‘Bible of Love’, a Gospel Album

Upcoming Album To Be Released Next Month Musical artist Snoop Dogg has always defied convention. Whether it was working with different performing artists or

The Grammy Awards and God

At Grammys, Kendrick Lamar and Reba McEntire Attribute Success to Their Relationship with God

How Religion Connected the Music Performance At any award show, God shows up. Not literally, but performing artists talk about the influence of their

Baba Brinkman Uses Rap To Explore Religion

Exclusive Interview: Rapper Baba Brinkman Explores Religion and Consciousness

New Album the Rap Guide To Consciouness Intersects Music and Science Rappers use the term “dropping science” but you don’t hear the term used

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album

Christian Rapper NF Has #1 Album in America

New album Perception is at the top of Billboard charts. Know the rapper NF? If not, that will change quickly. The Michigan Christian rapper’s

Native Deen Rapping Against Islamophobia

Native Deen Rapping Against Islamophobia

Native Deen battles stereotypes with an uplifting message of Islam. "These kinds of things don't slow us down, it propels us." This is what