Is Chance The Rapper The Biggest Christian Musician Today?

Is Chance The Rapper The Biggest Christian Musician Today?

Is Chance The Rapper The Biggest Christian Musician Today?
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Chance the Rapper is afraid of being labeled as an artist of a certain genre

Chance the Rapper, a 24-year-old who has already won a Grammy, confessed he is perfectly okay when it comes to publicly sharing his love and admiration for Jesus Christ. He made his love for Christ clear when he sat down for an interview with Gayle King, the co-host of the TV show This Morning on CBS.

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Chance’s music has been described as a mix of R&B, hip-hop, and soul with a splash of gospel. Gayle commented it was strange that a majority of musicians do not blend hip-hop with the gospel. Gayle asked what made Chance incorporate gospel into what clearly is a recreational God-less auditory environment.

Chance seized the opportunity to speak clearly about the faith he has in God. He admitted at first that he will never say he has composed and sung gospel music. However, he told Gayle that he loves God and Jesus-and he has no hesitation in admitting the same.

He said that other than Christianity, he has another inspiration in his life- Kensli, his daughter. She is a toddler. The proud father said that before his daughter was born, his life was a number of small dots on his timeline. After the birth of his daughter, all the dots became one single dot. He added that his new life is much more eventful and much better. He also has a purpose in life.

Gayle mentioned other topics and questioned Chance on them. The list includes the rapper’s one million dollar donation to Chicago public schools. This was part of Chance’s “Investment in Chicago’s future.” The rapper’s organization Social Works also raised $2.2 million as part of the effort. Gayle informed the audience that there is a special significance of the number “3” frequently observed sewn into the hats Chance wears during his shows. The number stands for Holy Trinity, three members of the rapper’s family, which includes him, his girlfriend, and his daughter, and lastly the three hits he enjoyed on the mixtapes he made.

Chance has told previous interviewers that he is afraid to be labeled. This was the fear when his latest, Coloring Book, was released. He never wanted that people recognized his latest collection of music as a kind of gospel album.


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