Christian Rapper NF Tops the Charts

Christian Rapper NF Tops Billboard 200 Chart

Christian Rapper NF Tops the Charts
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Christian rapper hits #1 on Billboard 200.

A Christian Rapper who goes by the name NF has upstaged Chance the Rapper on the Billboard 200 chart.[/tweetit] NF used to be one of the smaller rappers with a faithful following. However, this isn’t the case anymore as NF has shot to fame overnight.

Christian Rapper NF Tops Billboard 200 Chart[/tweetthis]

NF or Nathan Feuerstein is a 28-year-old man from Michigan who has been compared to Eminem without the explicit lyrics that usually present themselves in Eminem’s music. NF has experienced many hardships, like Eminem, which led him to rap, including his mother’s death from an overdose in 2009.

The Search, NF’s latest album, is about many tough topics including self-acceptance and mental health. NF’s rise to fame has left many confused as to how a white Christian rapper with clean lyrics shot past Chance’s The Big Day on the album charts.

NF wrote on Twitter that he thanked all of his fans for buying the album and supporting him. He said seeing so much support after putting his life into the album and his art has meant a lot to him. He also thanked his label for giving him complete artistic freedom from the beginning. He finished by saying that it was the fans who brought the album to where it is.

NF has never marketed himself as a Christian artist. In 2014, he signed up with Capitol Christian Music Group. When asked about his faith, NF has said he is a Christian but also an artist. He elaborated by asking if you’d call your plumber a Christian plumber. He then said that his music is for everyone and not only for Christians.

When asked about the first time he listened to fellow Michigan artist Eminem, he said it felt like he was listening to something that was “raw.”

NF was asked what helped him as he got a record to number one without a lot of press or coverage. He replied by saying that he believes that his authenticity is the biggest driver to his success. NF believes when people listen to music, they can sense authenticity. So that’s what NF did, he went in with the goal to stay true to himself. He finished by saying many people feel like him and have wanted to say what he has said but didn’t know how to express those feelings. NF believes his album resonates with these people.


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