Actor Simon Pegg Calls Out Religion

Actor Simon Pegg Calls Out Religion

Actor Simon Pegg Calls Out Religion
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Comedian and Actor Simon Pegg is Vocal About His Atheism

Global superstar and “sexy geek” Simon Pegg spoke out against religion to the media. The actor stated that religion was created by humans to explain the incredible. Pegg called religion “the need for knowledge.”

Actor Simon Pegg Calls Out Religion[/tweetthis]

Pegg has been transparent about his beliefs. Many of the movies he has starred in, written, or directed are about the mistakes humans make about belief systems. Whether it is about how aliens created religion or that faith corrupts small towns into homicidal cults his movies all poke fun at long-standing ideas.

But that does not mean Pegg makes fun of people who practice religion. When talking about his Mission Impossible co-star and friend Tom Cruise, Pegg defends him against media attacks. Cruise has been criticized for his dedication to Scientology. Pegg has told media outlets there is a lot of misperception about Cruise and Scientology and people should be allowed to practice their beliefs as long as they do not hurt others.

Pegg is currently promoting Mission Impossible: Fallout. This is the sixth movie in the franchise. Pegg has routinely made films dealing with popular themes in science fiction. It may explain why he thinks science fiction is as appropriate as religion when trying to understand the unknown.


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