Christians, Jews, and Muslims to Create a Joint House of Worship in Jerusalem

A group in Jerusalem says it should remain a melting pot of all the three religions. A group of Jews, Christians and Muslims, in

Has ‘Nostra Aetate’ stood the test of time?

New release from Pim Valkenberg on the 50-year legacy of Nostra Aetate. Written by Joseph Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin for ISLAMiCommentary Has Nostra Aetate –

Pastor Encourages Parishioners to Carry Guns at His Church

Religious Leaders Against Domestic Violence Urge Congress on Gun Laws

Faith Leaders aim to put end to law permitting domestic abusers to purchase and own firearms. Almost 500 Christian, Muslim and Christian faith leaders

Interfaith Sunday School Helps Children Learn About Both of their Parents’ Religions

Interfaith Families Project Sunday School provides a way for children of interfaith families to learn all about their heritage. As interfaith marriage rates rise,

Non-Jews are Adopting the Passover Seder Too

The sacred Jewish tradition of Seder is becoming highly popular among non-Jews. The Passover Seder is a sacred Jewish tradition. It is a ritual

Scientology Opens Its First Ideal Church in Georgia

Interfaith leaders and state senator welcome the Scientology church and its community outreach as a resource "to transform tomorrow for the better." On April

Israelis Segregate Themselves By Religion For Marriage, FriendshipsIsraelis Segregate Themselves By Religion For Marriage, FriendshipsIsraelis Segregate Themselves By Religion For Marriage, Friendships

Israelis Segregate Themselves By Religion For Marriage, Friendships

Survey says friendships and relationships in Israel are often confined to one's own religion. Jews constitute about 75% of Israel's population, followed by Muslims

Religious Groups Lend Helping Hand in Flint Water Crisis

Interfaith effort responds to Michigan's Contaminated water supply. The Flint water crisis has pushed state and federal officials to respond with urgent help. Residents

Interfaith Peace Conference

Religions Unite for World Peace at Sydney Scientology Church

Church of Scientology Sydney hosts interfaith conference in the name of peace. Religious leaders gathered at the Church of Scientology of Sydney, to attend

Interfaith Service in Memory of the Paris Attack Victims Held at the Church of Scientology in Brussels

A call for peace and brotherhood was issued at the Church of Scientology Interfaith Memorial for victims of the Paris Attack. After the tragic