Safeguarding the Secular State in an Era of Religious Extremism

After the 2016 terrorist attacks, the Ministry of Social Development was established to safeguard secularism and monitor and counteract subversive religious practices. Kazakhstan is

Interfaith Community Gathered in Support of Vandalized Mosque

Interfaith Community Gathered in Support of Vandalized Mosque

Over 200 people attended the event held to promote love among people of different faiths Only a few weeks after two women, identified by

US Jewish-Muslim Bond Strengthened by Interfaith Activities

US Jewish-Muslim Bond Strengthened by Interfaith Activities

The status of Jerusalem is the main thorn in the flesh. The results of a pioneer study conducted by Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU)

Something Can Be Done About it Convoy

How a Utah Interfaith and Charity Coalition is Making a Difference for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

More than 200 tons of building supplies, will be donated to Rockport, TX residents Friday, September 29. With all the natural disasters that hit

BDS movement

American Rabbis Call Out Israel Anti-BDS Law

Interfaith delegation denied entry to Israel Leaders of an  interfaith delegation were stopped from boarding their Israel bound flight.[/tweetit] Rabbi Alissa Wise, Alana Krivo-Kaufman

Karen Armstrong: Don’t Blame Religion For Terrorism

Karen Armstrong examines the knotted history of religion and violence In a time when Muslim extremists quote the Koran as they behead their victims,

The Shores of Our Souls: A Christian-Muslim Love Story Inspired by 9/11

Kathryn Ramsperger shares the inspiration for her new book, The Shores of Our Souls, along with an excerpt. I wrote my novel The Shores of

Prayer App Raises $2 million in Funding

Users can participate in community prayers with the app. The interfaith mobile app assists religious leaders to be in contact with congregants.[/tweetit] It

World’s Top Religious Leaders Issue Rare Joint Appeal

22 religious leaders join hands to appeal to people to make friends with people of other faiths. World religious leaders have for the first

Muslims Break Ramadan Fast In Front of Trump Tower

Protest staged against Trump administration's blatant Islamophobic policies An interfaith Iftar meal was celebrated right outside Trump Tower[/tweetit] on the night of June 1.