LDS Relief Society’s New Leader Expresses Hope for Interfaith Relief Aid

"We all desire to accomplish 'something extraordinary' — and, working together, we will." Sister Bingham addressed the importance of interfaith cooperation relief aid at

Watch an Atheist, Priest, and Rabbi Smoke Weed Together and Talk God

A Social Experiment Finds Out How Weed Can Impact Discussions between People from Varying Backgrounds. Gathering a bunch of people with varying beliefs into

Trump Reaches Out to Religious Minorities, Calls JCC Bomb Threats “False Flags”

Trump suggested the bomb threats received by Jewish organizations may have been a deliberate attempt at defaming him and his supporters. The sudden spread

Religions Are Uniting After a Spike in Hate Incidents

Interfaith gatherings focus on how individuals must deal with anger and love one another despite differences. Interfaith initiatives driven by different religions occur with

Maya Haddad - Devotion

Devotion, Video Series Celebrates Doubt in Faithful People

Interfaith interview series Devotion  examines doubts of the faithful. As a sophomore English major at Loyola Marymount University, I enrolled in World Religions. Our

World Religion Day Strengthens Interfaith Understanding

World Religion Day, started by the Baha'i Faith in the 1940s, helps to build understanding across religious groups. On January 15, different faiths across

This is Why Muslims in Italy are Celebrating Christmas

Italy's Muslim refugees are joining in on Christmas festivities to assimilate into the culture. In a country where 95 percent of the population is

It’s Chrismukkah Time Again! Christmas and Hanukkah Coincide This Year

The Christmas and Hanukkah holidays will overlap this year. Two of the most important holidays of the year for Christians and Jews will be

What do Protests Against Interfaith Sikh Marriages Reflect?

What do Protests Against Interfaith Sikh Marriages Reflect?

Incidents of interfaith Sikh wedding ceremonies being disrupted are increasing. What implications does this trend have? A wave of fundamentalism is threatening to sweep

Interfaith Families: Study Say Mothers Are More Influential Than Fathers

Interfaith Families: Study Say Mothers Are More Influential Than Fathers

One-in-Five Americans are from Interfaith families The number of Americans who are raised in interfaith households is on the rise according to new research.