Duke University Chapel

Duke University’s Muslims & the need for interfaith dialogue

The religious debate continues after the cancelled adhan, a Muslim call to prayer, at Duke University as more individuals weigh in. Earlier this month, officials

Rabbinical College considers ordaining interfaith rabbis as Jewish intermarriages rise

Officials at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College may reconsider laws that prohibit admission or ordination to Jews in interfaith relationships. It’s a firm policy among

Jewish Muslim Relations

How Jewish and Muslim Relations Are Improving in the U.S.

. A program to introduce better relationships between Judaism and Islam, synagogues with mosques, rabbis with imams, was created in the United States of

American Diwali Celebrations

Diverse American Celebrations of Diwali Scheduled in Boston and Iowa

Renowned religious statesman Rajan Zed recognizes and commends two celebrations of Diwali that prove the diverse practices of this international holiday. Boston Museum of

Climate Change

The New Top Pro-Life Argument is Not Abortion: It’s Climate Change

photo: flickr Christians around the world are again rallying for the pro-life cause. This time, though, the scene is a little different as they