#TBT: Watch Muslim Friends Help Hindu Family Celebrate Diwali

Muslims help Hindus celebrate Diwali. Ahead of upcoming Diwali celebrations, we take a look back at Muslims who helped make sure a Hindu family

It’s Here: Breakthrough Rabbinical College First to Allow Interfaith Relationships

A Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Pennsylvania has decided to accept students with non-Jewish partners, after a 2-year review of their policy. Over two years

A Sikh Man’s Experience at International Peace Day hosted by Church of Scientology Melbourne

Dya Singh recounts the interfaith Melbourne International Peace Day event hosted by the Church of Scientology. The United Nations celebrates International Peace Day annually

Muslim Man Performs Last Rites for Hindu Friend

Muslim man refused to allow differences in faith to stop him from helping out his Hindu friend. Relationships between Muslims and Hindus in India

911 NYC

How 9/11 Reshaped America’s Feelings on Religion

The 9/11 terrorist attack not only shook America's perception of its safety, but it also changed how Americans think about religion. The 9/11 terrorist

The Changing Role of Religion in America Wedding Ceremonies

American views of marriage and organized religion are changing rapidly and it's evidenced in their wedding ceremonies. Studies show that American views of marriage


In an Gesture of Unity, Muslims help Jews to Repair Damaged Synagogue

Recently, a Jewish congregation received a donation from a local Muslim group to rebuild the synagogue with a message of "Living Together." A Jewish

Madonna Drake

Madonna Posts Controversial Photo of Jewish and Muslim Men About to Kiss

Madonna kissed Drake during their performance at this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The racy pop queen is in the news again

Interlove Project

Interlove Project Aims to Promote Interfaith Couples

Armed with a belief in love’s uniting power, one Canadian photographer has set out to document the stories of interfaith couples for the Interlove

What happens when you put an atheist, a Christian, and a Buddhist in one room? The answer is surprising.

The discussion between an Atheist, a Christian, and a Buddhist about different faiths and common ground. In Durango, CO Andy Braner, a Christian and