Stack of religious books

A Scholar’s Analysis of Religion

How would you define religion? And if it was stipulated that it had to cover your own religion and every other religion, would it

Nun treats refugee

Religion: The Lifeline of Humanity

Salvation, redemption, absolution, deliverance. Any religion focuses one way or another, through one path or another, on the liberation of the individual, and—since so

Beyond Labels & Exclusion: Multifaith Roundtable Explores Paths to Understanding

Who are you? What do you believe? Can we still work together, despite our differences? These are questions often asked of faith leaders and

The Same House, Through Different Doors — the Interfaith Philosophy of Bishop Jon Fish

If I were a traditional journalist, I would not interview Bishop Jon Fish of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He makes

Understanding the Foundations of Religion

Interfaith and Understanding by Hilary Canto

Many question whether interfaith efforts are relevant or effective given the level of conflict we see around the globe. However this conflict is the

Religious News From Around the Web, Jan 6th 2020

Nine Years for Pastor, Armed Church Security? Interfaith Award, Truth or Guns? Sikhs Help in Fires, Evangelicals Polled, Falun Gong “Cult” Chinese Sentence Christian

WRN News From the Web: Mosque Shelters Students, Atheists Not Church, US Sanctions China over Uighurs, Rohingyas Denied Education, Dublin’s Covert Church, Iran Suppressing Bahá’ís, SMU Minus Methodist?, African Churches Use Scientology

Wisconsin Students Shelter in Mosque During School Attack About 100 high school students sheltered in a mosque across the street from their Oshkosh West

Interfaith Council Takes Up Human Rights

Idi Amin “The Butcher of Uganda” seized power in 1971 and until he was ousted in 1979, his regime murdered an estimated 100,000 to

America’s Growing Interfaith Infrastructure

In Columbia, South Carolina, Interfaith Partners regularly brings together for discussion Christians and Jews, Hindus and Muslims, Buddhists and Bahá’ís. Members visit one another’s

Multi-City Interfaith March planned to counteract religious violence

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of acts of violence in places of worship, local religious leaders plan a showing of solidarity among people