LDS Relief Society’s New Leader Expresses Hope for Interfaith Relief Aid

“We all desire to accomplish ‘something extraordinary’ — and, working together, we will.” Sister Bingham addressed the importance of interfaith cooperation relief aid at UN.

Although it was only 12 days into her new role, Sister Jean B. Bingham was already making her presence felt as head of the worldwide women's organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She spoke in front of a global crowd when she participated at an important panel discussion in the United Nations. Her message to other delegates attending the conference was clear: cooperation between the faiths is important if the earth's humanitarian requirements are to be met. The needs are felt by the world's most suffering and vulnerable people.

LDS Relief Society’s New Leader Expresses Hope for Interfaith Relief Aid[/tweetthis]

During the yearly “Focus on Faith” discussion sponsored by the UN Department of Public Information, Bingham spoke about the humanitarian efforts launched by the LDS church and expressed her sincere appreciation to those who are presently engaged in the challenging but much rewarding work of relieving suffering all over the world. She said the role of the LDS Church is critical here. There is a compulsion to construct bridges among the faith-centric organizations and the need to comprehend what others are doing and for more cooperation. She said there is a need to organize resources, time and talent of the faithful who want to help. She reminded everyone while we can do good individually, much more can be accomplished by collective means.

Bingham pointed out that the Relief Society, which is representative of 7.1 million women belonging to the Mormon church, has an illustrious 175 year history of helping in charitable work. The Utah headquartered LDS Charities has assisted millions of individuals stuck in disaster regions. The organization has also helped refugees from a number of war afflicted areas in the world, with medicine and food assistance among others. She pointed out although her organization does a lot of work, its impact would be minimal if it does all by its own.

Bingham noted the interfaith efforts goes beyond financial support. It also enlists the help of vital human resources. These are individuals within the organizations whose skill, devotion and compassion blend to touch others on a personal and deep level. With this view in mind, the LDS Charities has partnered other religions to assist in alleviating human suffering. She specifically mentioned the “Day of Dignity” effort mounted by Islamic Relief to help those who have no home. She also has praise for the Episcopal Migration Ministries whose program assists in finding immigrants gainful employment.


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