Pastor Encourages Parishioners to Carry Guns at His Church

Religious Leaders Against Domestic Violence Urge Congress on Gun Laws

Pastor Encourages Parishioners to Carry Guns at His Church

Faith Leaders aim to put end to law permitting domestic abusers to purchase and own firearms.

Almost 500 Christian, Muslim and Christian faith leaders have given their consent to a letter requesting Congress to shut federal law loopholes. These blind gaps in the law permit domestic abusers to buy and own firearms. The signed letter states that domestic violence, stalking and dating abuse are violations of humanity and dignity of any person. Crimes like these have no place when it comes to faith traditions. The letter goes further on to say that as individuals of faith, they affirm right of any person to enjoy a violence free life. The document subsequently urges Congress to protect this sacred right.

Religious Leaders Against Domestic Violence Urge Congress on Gun Laws[/tweetthis]

Individuals from a number of spiritual backgrounds can now call, tweet and email senators and congressional representatives. The agenda is as stated: closing a deadly loophole plaguing present gun laws. The action is being led by Interfaith Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence by Jewish Women International. This group is made of 36 faiths, all united in their effort to end any kind of violence against girls and women.


As per federal law, any person convicted of misdemeanors related to domestic violence against a former or current spouse cannot buy or possess guns. However, those perpetrators who are convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or misdemeanor stalking against their dating partner could continue to access firearms. The present state of affairs could pose considerable risks to the victim's safety.

The problem with the law is that it excludes dating partners, notwithstanding the fact they commit almost 50 percent of the intimate partner homicides. There is also the loophole of convicted stalkers not included under federal gun ban. This continues even as stalking indicates future violence any abusive relationship.

A large volume of research exists which illustrates the frequently lethal intersection of guns and violence. A little over 50 percent of women killed by intimate partners between 2001 and 2012 were shot using guns. Experts have found out that in case the abuser has access to any gun, the victim’s chances of getting killed are five times greater.

Domestic violence attacks done by any perpetrator with gun is about 12 times more probable to culminate in death compared to being assaulted by any other weapon. The simple act of living in high gun ownership states increases the chance of women being shot dead in domestic violence situations. It follows that faith communities will speak against the law.


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