Interfaith Sunday School Helps Children Learn About Both of their Parents’ Religions

Interfaith Families Project Sunday School provides a way for children of interfaith families to learn all about their heritage.

As interfaith marriage rates rise, many parents place the dilemma of which religion to raise their children in. Well, that’s no longer a problem in Maryland, where a multi-faith Sunday school allows parents to avoid that difficult choice.

Interfaith Sunday School Helps Children Learn About Both of their Parents’ Religions[/tweetthis]

With religion playing such a key role in many people’s lives, interfaith couples will often find it especially difficult to choose just one religion to pass on to their children. After all, both partners will be equally dedicated to their faith, and giving way could cause a significant crisis of faith. As a way of avoiding this issue, the Interfaith Families Project Sunday School in Kensington, Md. Is dedicated to providing both Jewish and Christian religious education to kids, allowing them to choose their own path in life once they come of age.

Lessons commonly combine Bible studies with lessons on Jewish history and the Hebrew language, so families can rest assured that their children are receiving a thorough education on their religious background. Instead of telling the kids that they have to be one religion or the other, thing are presented in a deliberately impartial way, allowing them to identify how they want. They are simply told what Christians and Jews each believe, and are left to make up their own minds about which religion they wish to follow.

But the project doesn’t stop there. In a piece for NPR, the group’s reverend, Julia Jarvis, says she hopes that one day, the project will also incorporate Islam, allowing for a greater proportion of interfaith families to ensure their children learn all there is to know about where they come from.


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