Interfaith Sunday School Helps Children Learn About Both of their Parents’ Religions

Interfaith Families Project Sunday School provides a way for children of interfaith families to learn all about their heritage. As interfaith marriage rates rise,

Stephen Colbert – Comedian, TV Host… Catholic?

The Late Show’s New Host: He attends Mass Weekly, Teaches Sunday School, Is an Ordained Minister, Comedian and He’s Catholic...Stephen Colbert! Stephen Colbert is

After Cancer Announcement, Attendance at Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School Skyrockets

Eager churchgoers began lining up outside Jimmy Carter's church in Georgia on Saturday night for the chance to hear the 90-year-old former teacher deliver

Spiritual Child

Do You Want Your Child to Thrive?

Featured contributor Keith Wommack discusses the value of spirituality when raising a child and in prepping our youth to face the world's challenges. During