A Great New Year for YouVersion -1 Million New Bible Reading Plan Subscribers on New Year's Day

The app intends to make reading the Bible a daily habit.

The YouVersion Bible application proves old is still gold. The immensely popular app, now 10 years old, enjoyed one million brand new subscriptions on January 1, 2019. The numbers represent a 62 percent rise compared to 2018. The first iteration of the YouVersion Bible was launched in 2008.

YouVersion is an easily downloadable mobile application for smartphones. The app provides the Christian Bible in a number of different languages. The user can also select a particular version. Bible Plan subscribers have access to pair Bible passages with devotional, video, or audio content. The plans are available in over 50 languages and designed to help guide the reader through the Bible within three timelines: 1 year, 6 months, and 3 months.

The YouVersion plan is standard for any devotional app. The same empirical views were uttered by John Piper, who founded another virtual Christian entity, DesiringGod.org, Piper recently put forward a number of reasons as to why people must read the Bible every day in 2019. He listed “motivation” at the top of the list.

Bobby Gruenewald, the founder of YouVersion, said in an interview on December 3 that Bible Plans were integral to the app’s empirical mission of making it much easier for users to access the age-old but fully relevant Scriptures. The company, to its credit, is not sitting on its achievements. From the year of its launch, a number of features dedicated to building a Bible reading or listening habit were incorporated into the app. The result? Subscriptions for Bible Plans consistently soar through the roof. A considerable number of plans are now offered in a wide variety of languages. Bible plans were offered in 1,000 languages other than English at last count.

According to Gruenewald, the app now contains 13,000 different Bible Plans and beginning any plan of one’s choice constitutes one of the best methods to create a daily Bible reading discipline. He claimed that in 2018 the company has added a significant number of new content partnerships. This resulted in the addition of 2,500 new plans. Gruenewald hopes YouVersion users will develop love and consequently a habit to leverage all features provided in the Bible App every day.


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