What to Expect from Pope Francis’ Visit to Mexico

Aletei Image Department is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Aletei Image Department is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Pope Francis will visit Chiapas and Ciudad Juárez in February.

Pope Francis will be visiting Mexico on February 12. Among the biggest reasons for the Pope's Mexico visit is to address the people of Chiapas and Ciudad Juárez among others. Chiapas is also one of the poorest areas of the nation, while Juarez is counted among the most violent cities around the globe. His visit to Mexico will also mark his first trip during the Holy Year of Mercy. The Pope is likely to talk about Mexican immigration as well as emigration

What to Expect from Pope Francis’ Visit to Mexico[/tweetthis]

Pope Francis will be landing in Mexico's Chiapas and Juarez regions during a celebratory mass. He will be a part of the San Cristobal de las Casas mass, which will be held in Tuxtla Gutierrez. He will also touch upon the issue of drug violence in the region, which has been affecting several social as well as economic aspects of the nation. In his address to the people of Juárez, he will talk about problems like unemployment and its direct effect on the Mexican economy, and may even motivate people to think about the issue and help reduce it.

The Pope also believes that his journey to Mexico would be incomplete if he fails to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe. He has deep respect for Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Pope is of the opinion that humans come together to fight evils like poverty, alcoholism, wars as well as drug addiction, and he believes that Our Lady helps in winning over these issues successfully.

Another reason for the Pope to visit Mexico in February is to re-energize the priests, bishops and other religious leaders and guide them about the religion, emphasizing on encouraging them to embrace their religion and its teachings fearlessly. 

The Pope will also visit a prison in Ciudad Juárez to shower mercy on people who have been deprived of the liberty. He will also be meeting workers in the area and will have discussions related to increasing their productivity and explaining how their efforts are directly linked with boosting the economy. The Pope is also scheduled to meet immigrant families on February 15. People of both the countries are counting on the Pope's visit to bridge the differences between the U.S. and Mexico. 


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