Alabama University Football Champions Have Impromptu Prayer Circle With Trump

PETER PAJOR is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Team Gave Jersey And Faith

President Trump is rarely seen praying. In fact, the vast majority of the time he is part of a stable orchestrated plan involving religious leaders with a specific agenda.

So Trump being surrounded by college football players with heads in prayer was a bizarre image.

The University of Alabama students were visiting the White House as the NCAA 2017 National Champions after defending Georgia. This would be their fifth visit in nine years. The game was personally watched by the president who praised the players for their dedication and success.

Sports teams visiting the White House has become a controversial subject. NBA champions the Golden State Warriors declined to attend the visit, and numerous athletes have told the media they would refuse to participate in any event because of the policies and behavior of the president. The Major League Baseball World Series winners, the Houston Astros, did visit earlier in the month.

Alabama Coach Nick Saban stated that the emphasis he put on players was on the experience of being able to visit the White House. Christianity is quite prevalent for many college and national football teams.


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