Satanist Group is Victim of Christmas Tree Ornament Theft

Satanist Xmas Ornaments

Satanic Bay Area’s handmade ornaments were stolen from a public Christmas tree display.

A Satanist group in California is upset by the theft of ornaments from their tree, adding to the woes felt by groups that are typically underrepresented at this time of the year. The Satanic Bay Area, a group that takes its name from the location in California, had decorated a tree as part of a Christmas in the Park attraction. Among hundreds of other trees, the Satanic group decorated a tree with over 100 ornaments ranging in size, shape, and overall message.

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While the group was certainly welcomed to take part in the tradition, they have fallen victims to theft by some particularly Grinch-like people. Many of the ornaments have been stripped off the tree, leaving large bare patches where ornaments were once placed. Presently, they are on the way to running out of ornaments completely. Many of the ornaments were made by hand, which might contribute to the overall appeal of stealing these items. After all, the homemade inverted crosses and stuffed animals could appear to be specialty goods.

This isn’t the first time Satanists have been the victims of sticky-fingered people in the park. Just last year, another group had their goat head Christmas tree topper stolen. While it is common for different ornaments to go missing in the park, the motivations behind the theft in this case remain unclear. There is no doubt that Satanists decorating trees could be seen as inflammatory for some people since it seems to be the antithesis of the season.

Yet, the fact remains that other groups have their ornaments stolen just as regularly. Thus, it might not just be people being upset at Satanists, it might just be people trying to steal things knowing there is a good chance they will get away with it. Although the Satanic Bay Area group is certainly peeved at the incident, some people have volunteered to make them new ornaments and hang them on the tree. The group’s post on Facebook said that’s what the Satanic community is all about: “coming together and supporting each other.”

Spokespeople for the park said they try to keep an eye on the trees, but due to the volume of people and tress, it is highly discouraged to decorate any tree with anything that could be considered valuable.


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