Lady depressed in the holidays

Holiday Blues? Let’s Change the Palette

Naturopathic practitioner provides simple tips to help take stress reduction into your own hands. It is not just children who look forward to Holidays

Happy Holidays: The Real War on Christmas by Dr. Arik Greenberg

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard the phrase “The war on Christmas” invoked more and more frequently. Often, it comes from the

Holiday Gift Ideas Across Various Religions, By Alexandra Rogers

There is much to dislike about the secular holiday season. In many cases, gifting now has the burden of obligation, of a required ritual,

Grocery Store in Canada Fined $10K for Being Open Good Friday

Grocery Store in Canada Fined $10K for Being Open Good Friday

The Retail Businesses Holiday Closing Act has a few exceptions Munther Zeid, who owns the Foodfare grocery store chain in Winnipeg has asked the

Hindus Prepare Thai Pongal Celebration

Hindus Prepare for Thai Pongal Celebration

The four day harvest festival of Pongal will begin next week. Thai Pongal is a four-day Hindu holiday celebrated in Tamil Nadu which happens

Satanist Group is Victim of Christmas Tree Ornament Theft

Satanic Bay Area's handmade ornaments were stolen from a public Christmas tree display. A Satanist group in California is upset by the theft of

Celebrating Thanksgiving as an Ahmadi Muslim

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on the blessings bestowed upon us. Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated here in North America. On this day

Why Is Ramadan Not A National Holiday?

Why Is Ramadan Not A National Holiday?

Secularism and Bigotry Are Not The Same Things Ramadan has officially begun. The month of fasting and praying is being celebrated by the estimated

Israeli Independence Day Causes Controversy

Israeli Independence Day Causes Controversy

Not Everyone Agrees With The Message Today is Yom Ha’atzmaut. Israel Independence Day. It is the 70 year anniversary of the creation of Israel.

Winter Religious Holidays Video and Infographic

What Do World Religions Do During the Holiday Season? Exclusively from! Share this Infographic on Your Site Source: Typically when we say