Rep. Ilhan Omar Brands Stephen Miller a ‘White Nationalist’

Rep. Ilhan Omar Brands Stephen Miller a ‘White Nationalist’

Rep. Ilhan Omar Brands Stephen Miller a ‘White Nationalist’
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Republicans have criticized Omar

The elected Democrat from Minnesota, Representative Ilhan Omar fiercely criticized anti-immigration advocate and President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller.[/tweetit] She even went to the extent of branding him as a “white nationalist.” In her social media post, she wrote that it is an outrage that Miller continues to influence policy and political appointments. The last point was a dig as it was well known in political circles that Miller was the principal schemer in the removal of Kirsjen Nielsen, the once Secretary of Department of Homeland Security.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Brands Stephen Miller a ‘White Nationalist'[/tweetthis]

Omar’s social media action included a link to a media report which suggested Miller influenced Trump to roll back Ronald Vitiello’s nomination as chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. The president wants ICE to enforce stricter directives. Vitiello, who has 30 years of experience in U.S. Border Patrol, was reportedly against Trump’s wish of closing the U.S.-Mexican border, the line where migrants claim asylum in the United States. Immigration experts echo Vitiello, saying such a closure would not affect anything on the ground. According to John Sandweg, former ICE acting director, the Trump administration has spied an opportunity in this humanitarian crisis. The immigration hawks have never liked the present immigration laws. They do not want America to continue to be a “haven for people fleeing political persecution.”

Miller is considered as the brain behind a few of the U.S. President’s most-toughest immigration policies, like families being separated at the United States-Mexico border and a widely panned travel ban affecting citizens of seven predominantly Muslim nations. Trump has indicated he wants to bring back the questionable policy of family separation.

The backlash to Representative Omar’s social media post was immediate. Donald Trump Jr. hit back, reminding everyone the Minnesota Democrat is infamous for her perceived anti-Semitic social media messages. Trump Jr. did not pull any punches when he said the latest object of Omar’s scorn, Miller, is Jewish.

Other Republicans like Representative Lee Zeldin of New York also criticized Omar’s comments. He said during his many years in Congress, he has never seen another politician like Omar taking pot shots at Jewish people with personal attacks including name-calling.


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