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Formerly Gay Writer Jackie Hill-Perry on What “Christians Don’t Get About LGBT”

Jackie Hill Perry on what Christians don't get about the LGBT community.

Jackie-Hill Perry, a widely-published writer, speaker, poet and artist from St. Louis whose work has appeared on The Washington Times and The 700 Club, articulates what Christians don’t “get” when it comes to the LGBT community.

“Everything,” Perry asserts. “Honestly, I think they don’t get a lot of it. How much your sexuality becomes who you are. Therefore even all of your experiences are kinda in a sense are governed by it so your friendships, your community, just your whole lens, in a way is through sexual identity. And so I think that’s why those in the LGBTQ community get so offended. It’s not just that it’s sin, because we are offended by the Gospel when someone says we are in sin and we need to repent, but also, it’s like you are coming against who I am. Like you’re attacking me, not something I do, but who I am. But I think when we can kinda understand that thinking, then I can we can be a lot more gracious in our approach, a lot more empathetic even.”

Perry previously lived as a homosexual, and now declares on her website that she “has been saved from [that] lifestyle.” She now shares the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ through poetry and has garnered a massive audience on Youtube of a million views. She is now wife to Preston Perry and mother to Eden.


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