Happy Holidays: The Real War on Christmas by Dr. Arik Greenberg

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard the phrase “The war on Christmas” invoked more and more frequently. Often, it comes from the

International Religious Freedom Roundtable Letter to Donald Trump, Oct 1 2019,. Pg 1

International Religious Freedom Roundtable Letter for Donald Trump

International Religious Freedom Roundtable October 11, 2019 The Honorable Donald Trump The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 Re: Do Not

Survey on Christian Life Beliefs

More than 200 Christians were recently surveyed to determine beliefs about their Christian life. Of the 216 participants 65 percent were female , 93

How Are Red Lights in UK and Christians Connected

How Are Red Lights in the UK and Christians Connected?

Event Organized To Show Support For Religious Freedom A number of UK buildings and in a number of other countries glowed deep red on

Jackie Hill Perry Gay LBGT Christian

Formerly Gay Writer Jackie Hill-Perry on What “Christians Don’t Get About LGBT”

Jackie-Hill Perry, a widely-published writer, speaker, poet and artist from St. Louis whose work has appeared on The Washington Times and The 700 Club,

Pope Francis Demands Help for Iraqi Citizens

Pope calls for help to prevent civilian casualties in the battle for Mosul. Pope Francis has called for the protection of civilians in Iraq[/tweetit]

Hungarian Government Prepares to Rescue Persecuted Christians

Hungarian Government Prepares to Rescue Persecuted Christians

Hungary aims to aid and defend Christians persecuted by ISIS. Hungary has announced a new initiative to fight forces that discriminate against and persecute

Christian Persecution

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder Asks “Who Will Stand Up For The Christians?”

In an impassioned and humanist piece that transcends non-secular boundaries and speaks to anyone who loves humanity, Ronald S. Lauder ask's in a New