How Are Red Lights in UK and Christians Connected

How Are Red Lights in the UK and Christians Connected?

How Are Red Lights in UK and Christians Connected
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Event Organized To Show Support For Religious Freedom

A number of UK buildings and in a number of other countries glowed deep red on November 29 to honor persecuted Christians around the world. The list of British buildings includes Houses of Parliament and Westminster Cathedral among a number of other buildings in London.

How Are Red Lights in the UK and Christians Connected?[/tweetthis]

Iconic cathedrals, churches, schools, and colleges all around the United Kingdom have lighted for a week to raise the awareness regarding religious persecution. This effort was organized by Aid to the Church in Need (UK), a Catholic charity. Christian Solidarity Worldwide was a co-organizer. The latter is based out of London.

A number of Christian structures like churches and cathedrals in Philippines also participated. A church located in Erbil, Iraq also lighted up red. The latter opened in 2016 to serve the Christian refugees who were displaced by the Islamic State terrorist organization.

This is the second time the event is being held. Other than buildings glowing red, multiple parishes held solidarity services and held vigils. Speakers of House of Lords and House of Commons consented to participate in the Red Wednesday event after their constituencies put pressure on them.

Patricia Hatton of the ACN told media that the motive behind Red Wednesday is to make the Christian community aware of scale and the nature of Christian persecution which happens at the present time, especially in Middle East.

The event can be construed as a prayer call and also practical support for those who require help. Joining her was Neville Kyrke-Smith, the national director of ACN. He told a media house that his organization simply asks for people to be given all rights to express themselves. They must also have the right to live their faith.

In his statement, Kyrke-Smith pointed out that in multiple locations across the world, people are not given the advantages of work, liberty, or housing simply due to the religious beliefs being held by them. He continued on to say that ACN is happy to collaborate with CSW among others to stand for freedom and faith.

Persecution due to religion violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as per the United Nations. This happens to a number of people belonging to multiple faiths. These take the form of enslavement, forced displacement, worship space destruction, arbitrary detention, unjust interrogation, and even execution. The ACN has documented an increase in violence and also oppression against Christians all around the world.


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