Survey on Christian Life Beliefs

Pray More than 200 Christians were recently surveyed to determine beliefs about their Christian life. Of the 216 participants 65 percent were female , 93 percent were less than 35 years old, and 63 percent were from the United States and were evangelical.

The survey, conducted by Teleios, showed that young evangelicals most commonly believe the Holy Spirit gives power through prayer (86 percent) and acts consistent with God’s word (74 perccent). Further, participants noted that God matures them through their knowledge of the Bible (84 percent), teaching others God’s word (70 percent), and by the fruit of the Holy Spirit (63 percent).

In addition, young evangelicals indicated God defeats sin most commonly through the help of the Holy Spirit (75 percent) and, most believe God leads believers through the Bible (91 percent) and answered prayer (71 percent).

However, participants were less sure about the security of salvation with most indicating that added to being saved by grace believers must make Jesus Lord of their life (72 percent). Regardless, many also noted God holds believers in His hand (53 percent), and seals them by His Holy Spirit to their redemption (51 percent). In addition, participants expressed God provides pastoral care through Christ’s nurturing (52 percent) and providing mercy as a great High Priest (53 percent).

The survey shows young evangelicals acknowledge the importance of God’s word and the Holy Spirit in leading and maturing them, according to a Telios release, while often recognizing the security of salvation and Christ’s contribution to their Christian life. The lack of consistency in these findings show an opportunity for lay leaders and pastors to help young believers in their understanding of their Christian life.