Andrew Farley from church without religion speaking

Preacher Challenges Christian Traditions

Andrew Farley from church without religion speaking

Andrew Farley has a unique view on Christianity.

Church Without Religion is a Christian community located in Lubbock, Texas. They are best known for their teaching which emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus rather than legalistic and religious practices that are common in today’s church.

Preacher Challenges Christian Traditions[/tweetthis]

The church is headed by the lead Pastor, Andrew Farley. Andrew is also the best-selling author of The Naked Gospel, God Without Religion amongst other books.

He is the host of a live call in program on Sirius XM and also serves as an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at Texas Tech University. He resides in Texas with his wife Katherine and their son Gavin.

In his book, God Without Religion, Andrew augments the church’s belief in legalistic practices in the church. He writes that Christians do not need the spiritual relationship with the Old Testament including tithing and the Ten Commandments. These have traditionally been considered acts of faith.

The community believes in the word of God as a complete revelation of His Will for salvation. They also believe in one God as the creator of all things and in the supremacy of Jesus Christ. They acknowledge that man was created by and for God and that Jesus died a sacrificial death, was raised from the dead and through His death, declared His believers righteous.

The church also believes that the Holy Spirit empowers the life of believers and await the bodily resurrection of all believers who have lived in right fellowship with God.

The community continues to portray these values through its ministry to inmates in a local prison in West Texas. Through their mission Mexico, they are supporting the translation of the Bible to local tribal languages.

They also aim to reach people through their radio ministry in Canada and The United States and their book ministry. A church without Religion continues to touch people’s lives locally and internationally as the modern day church is called to do.


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