Pope Francis Is Speaking Out About Syria Mess

Pope Francis Is Speaking Out About Syria Mess

Pope Francis Is Speaking Out About Syria Mess
By Presidencia de la República Mexicana [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Pope Francis calls for international community to help Syria.

The pain of Syrian citizens caught unwittingly in the conflict that engulfed their nation was the core of the appeal made by Pope Francis when he implored the international community. His speech at Vatican City also asked for renewed commitment to protection of life during all its stages.

Pope Francis Expresses His Concern Over Syria[/tweetthis]

The pontiff said that he is aware of dramatic fate suffered by civilian populations traumatized by continuing war inside Syria and thus forced to flee from the country. They left their belongings and escaped the horrible situation there. The Pope said that he hoped that there will be generous solidarity and be given the required assistance so that they can survive with dignity. He appealed to the international community to do their utmost to bring the warring parties to the negotiating table.

Pope Francis touched upon a variety of subjects in his post-Angelus speech and led the crowds to pray Hail Mary to the “Our Lady for the Beloved Syria.” His speech was particularly appropriate as Russian assaults to Aleppo has made refugees of thousands of people. Aleppo was Syria's biggest metropolis in pre-war times. The pontiff's remarks came post suspension of peace talks between opposition forces and Syrian Government. These talks were brokered by the United Nations. Such talks are scheduled to restart in February.

Pope Francis has noted “Giornata per la Vita” or Day for Life, the 38th iteration of the event in Italy. He asked Italian bishops involved with social and educational institutions to refresh their commitment when it comes to advocating for the human life from its conception and extends to the natural end. He added that it is necessary to help society heal from any kind of attack which threatens life.

Pope Francis acknowledged the university professors in Rome along with those who witness life. The theme for the 2016 “Day for Life” is “mercy makes life flourish.” He requested prayers before his Mexican trip. The Pope will meet with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church. He referred to Kirill as “dear brother.”

The pontiff reminded the audience that February 2 marks the jubilee for trafficking victims and all people can help those who suffered this modern kind of slavery. He said that this day provides every person the opportunity to assist new slaves to break exploitation's heavy chains and regaining their dignity and freedom.


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