Pastor Adam Fannin Said Sarah Silverman Will Be 'Judged in Hell'

Pastor Hopes for Sarah Silverman’s Death

Pastor Adam Fannin Said Sarah Silverman Will Be 'Judged in Hell'
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Pastor Adam Fannin Said Sarah Silverman Will Be “Judged in Hell”

Pastor Adam Fannin has been very vocal about what he thinks of comedian Sarah Silverman. In the past, Pastor Fannin has called Silverman a “God-hating whore” and has said that if she failed to repent, she would be judged in Hell.

Pastor Hopes for Sarah Silverman’s Death[/tweetthis]

The first Sunday sermon after Silverman tweeted that Pastor Fannin would get her killed saw Pastor Fannin acknowledging the situation. He is now a pastor at Law of Liberty which is an Independent Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. While Fannin didn’t speak about any of the comments he made, he did, however, speak about the actions of Silverman.

Fannin has said that Silverman needs to repent about promoting child molestation and repent about joking about the murder of the Messiah. He has said that if she fails to repent, she will be made by God to bow at the feet of the men of their church and she will be judged in Hell.

A video was posted by Silverman about Fannin preaching at the Steadfast Baptist Church. The video shows Fannin claiming that Silverman was bragging about putting Jesus to death again. In the video, Fannin says that Silverman is a witch, “a God-hating whore of Zionism” and a jezebel. He also says that he hopes that God breaks Silverman’s teeth out and that she dies. Fannin went on to say that Silverman is a wicked person and is a representation of religious Judaism.

The allegations of Fannin’s claim that Silverman wanted to kill Jesus again originated from a comedy special she performed in 2005. The special is called, Jesus is Magic. In the special, Silverman revealed her boyfriend was Catholic and that she is Jewish while speaking about how they would raise their children. She went on to say the Jews are blamed for Jesus’s death. The Jews themselves pass the blame off to the Romans. However, she claims she is one of the few people who believe that the blacks killed Jesus.

“I don’t care, good, I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I’d do it again … if I hear his Birkenstocks clacking this way,” Silverman said.

The quote was taken out of context and made into a meme implying Silverman had made the statement seriously, rather than as part of a joke. Silverman has said this is what America is today – violence being incited on the basis of lies.


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