Muslim Prison Gangs Beat Inmates Who Won’t Convert to Islam

Muslim Prison Gangs Beat Inmates Who Won’t Convert to Islam

Muslim Prison Gangs Beat Inmates Who Won’t Convert to Islam

Ministry of Justice reports terrorist gangs are targeting inmates

A Government report has stated that British prisons are facing new problems as extremist Muslim gangs have been observed forcing other inmates to convert to Islam or suffer violence.[/tweetit] The gangs are being led by fanatics who are serving sentences for terrorism. The report highlights how they are recruiting violent inmates as foot soldiers.

Muslim Prison Gangs Beat Inmates Who Won’t Convert to Islam[/tweetthis]

Any inmate who refuses to convert to Islam as well as join their gangs has been ostracized or worse, attacked.

UK prisons have already been warned by experts that they have become a breeding ground for extremists to spread their agenda. In fact, two years ago, three men met in the Belmarsh prison in south-east London. They were convicted of plotting a terror attack in a high-security prison.

The three called themselves the Three Musketeers had made plans to use a meat cleaver as well as pipe bomb on military targets and the police.

A report, undertaken by the Ministry of Justice who partnered with researchers at the University of Birmingham, was prepared in order to get an understanding of how these gangs operate.

The report contains interviews with 83 offenders as well as 72 staff members and found out that the gangs were ruled by violence, bullying, and intimidation.

The report has accounts of various prisoners. One of them said that people are pressured to convert and join the gang. As soon as someone comes in, they are befriended and asked to convert. If they refuse, the gang will then start spreading rumors about the new prisoner. They will ostracize the prisoner by saying that he is a snitch. Soon after, beatings will follow.

The report also says that prisoners who had committed crimes of a terrorist nature hold senior positions in the gang. This is facilitated by the respect that younger prisoners give them.

These reports are along the same lines as the warnings of Pastor Paul Song who used to be a chaplain at Brixton prison. He has experienced extremist Muslim gangs dominating his jail by intimidating prisoners to convert to Islam and physically assaulting Pastor Song over his Christian faith.

Pastor Song experienced Islamic extremists hijacking his Bible classes by interrupting a discussion to loudly acclaim the killers of Lee Rigby. Some of these extremists even spoke in the chapel in support of Islamic State.


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