Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive

Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive

Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive

The new name of the choir is The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has warned church members and media to use the full name of the faith.[/tweetit] In his opinion, using a nickname for the church amounts to a victory for Satan. In his speech at the bi-annual Salt Lake City conference, he stated that the name of the church cannot be mutated to any other. This aspect of the church cannot be negotiated under any circumstances. Nelson said that when one contracts or edits the full name if the church, God gets offended.

Mormon Tabernacle Changes Name: Mormon Name is Offensive[/tweetthis]

President Nelson is considered in LDS circles as a prophet. The 94-year-old repeatedly said his latest instructions do not constitute any change in name. It is a correction commanded by God himself. The instruction has its desired effect on the formal names of many church activities. One of them is Mormon Tabernacle Choir which quickly changed its trade name to The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. This name change happened after a century. It has even canceled its loving and more popular nickname "MoTabs." Ron Jarrett, the choir president, said in an official statement the name could change, but the choir which everyone loves will not only remain the same but will be better as time goes by. The chorus has a total strength of 360 members.

For The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, name changes are nothing new. Until 1945 the chorus was known as Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir before being changed to Mormon Tabernacle Choir at the insistence of J. Reuben Clark, at that time a member of the governing First Presidency of the church.

President Nelson told the 21,000 church attendees this instruction does not come on a whim and cannot be regarded as an inconsequential one. For the congregants, they were well aware that a number of important changes were on the wings. Nelson reduced three-hour meetings to a much more manageable two hours. Other than the inflexibility of the name, the president also announced the establishment of a dozen temples. One more temple will be added to the existing temple in Washington County. There are also substantial and well thought out plans to update and renovate the noted Salt Lake Temple. The latter is known for its unique six spires.


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