Meet the Mormon Candidate Set to Give Trump a Run for His Money

Meet the Mormon Candidate Set to Give Trump a Run for His Money

Meet the Mormon Candidate Set to Give Trump a Run for His Money
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Meet Utah’s independent presidential hopeful, Evan McMullin.

One person’s loss is another’s gain.

Nothing showcases this fact more clearly than the leaps that conservative independent presidential candidate, Evan McMullin, is making in the presidential race. Contesting from Utah, McMullin was once an unknown, seemingly insignificant contender in the elections who would be eclipsed completely by Donald Trump. Figures are telling a different story today with the tables having turned completely against Trump.

McMullin is drawing more and more previous Trump supporters toward him, thanks to Trump's hate speeches, sexist comments, and other controversies.

Meet the Mormon Candidate Set to Give Trump a Run for His Money[/tweetthis]

McMullin stepped in at an opportune moment when America was despairingly torn between choosing one of two contestants who are both unpopular. He declares he offers Americans a new direction through his candidacy and could be a ray of hope for America in a time as dire as this. McMullin quickly rose to popularity among Utah's largely Republican-supporting voters. Now almost equal to Trump in terms of support in the state, McMullin may be on his way to being the first non-Republican to be elected by Utah since 1964. This is only indicative of how fed up Trump's supporters are with him.

Another characteristic that makes McMullin's rise to popularity special is his Mormon faith. McMullin is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He did a two-year mission in Brazil and earned a degree in international law and diplomacy at Brigham Young University.

McMullin is popular with the citizens of Utah for his conservative views. McMullin is particularly popular among LDS members because his views and opinions are very much in sync with the traditional Mormon values of Utah. This means as president, McMullin would not support abortion rights. Speaking about core-Christian values, McMullin believes these issues are not only something to do with the LDS Church or Utah but are values that reflect all of America. This made him rise quickly in favor with the Mormons, for whom Utah is a spiritual home.

If McMullin does get Utah, he would make history for another reason, as the first independent presidential candidate to win electoral votes since George Wallace in 1968. Whatever may be the results of the election, McMullin's sudden rise is very symbolic to the voters of America.


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