Mayor Bill de Blasio Will Sue Trump to Prevent Muslim Database

NYC Mayor pledges to sue Trump if his proposal for a Muslim registry comes into force.

New York Mayor assured Muslims of complete protection against any anti-Islamic decisions that the Trump-led government may take. Bill de Blasio announced at an anti-hate rally last week he will sue Donald Trump should he go ahead with plans to get all Muslims registered in a database. He assured American Muslims that America is their home, and that he would do everything possible to protect them.

Mayor Bill de Blasio Will Sue Trump to Prevent Muslim Database.[/tweetthis]

Hundreds had gathered at Cooper Union Hall, where Abraham Lincoln once delivered a speech against slavery, to listen to de Blasio’s speech. Apart from the Muslim registry, de Blasio also announced that he would fight against other plans that Trump has suggested such as using the police department to deport immigrants. He also said that he would support the immigrants by providing legal counsel to them in deportation cases against them.

Trump’s election has not gone well with minority Americans and Americans of color because of his open display of support towards a white-Christian supremacy ideology. Post-elections, he appointed a number of Ku Klux Klan supporters and other figures who are renowned for their beliefs that the white Christian is superior to others, confirming the worst fears of Americans who did not want to see him in power.

In 2015, Trump had proposed that he would get all Muslims registered into a database. This proposal seems to have been considered seriously in the president-elect’s transition team as was revealed by Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach. Kobach had, in 2001, helped the Bush government to design a system to get non-citizen Muslims to register themselves and to place their exit and entrance into America under strict rules. This system, which vanished in 2011 seems to be making a comeback now under Trump, although Trump denied that he ever made any such proposition.

De Blasio said that he would never let this system come back. As mayor of a city which the world looks up to as a role model of cultural and religious unity, he said he would never comply with any law that would require the NYPD to deport immigrants. The mayor had even met with Trump recently, and tried to explain the tragedy of people in such a large American city living in fear.


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