Kim Davis Romania

Kim Davis, Who Refused to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Is in Romania to Help Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Kim Davis Romania
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Romanians face a referendum on gay marriage

Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who became infamous for a brief period of time for her persistent refusal to issue needed legal marriage licenses when same-sex couples asked for them (her excuse being doing such an action violates her Christian faith), is visiting Romania. She is presently urging the population of the European country not to follow the United States in its alleged downward slippery slope towards equality. A referendum on this subject is slated to happen in the near future.

Kim Davis, Who Refused to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Is in Romania to Help Fight Same-Sex Marriage[/tweetthis]

Davis' last public appearance was when Mike Huckabee, the then-presidential candidate, took her on his campaign stage after she was released from jail. She also met Pope Francis when the latter came on his North American sojourn.

Davis has come to Romania on a nine-day invite sent by Harry Mihet of Liberty Counsel, an Orlando, Florida headquartered legal organization known for its rabid anti-LGBT legal stance. The same organization represented her at the time she cited her religious obligations towards gay marriage. Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the Liberty Counsel as a hate group. The organization has been found to push anti-LGBT discrimination. The latter was done under the cloak of religious liberty.

Romania at present does not recognize marriage between the same sexes. This is where Mihet and Davis come in. The two have come to Romania to support a specific petition for the national referendum. The referendum is to make the constitutional definition of marriage as a contract between one woman and one man.

Mihet and Davis are presenting conferences in major Romanian cities to push the idea that the concepts of 'freedom of conscience' and 'same-sex marriage' can be mutually exclusive. They allege that those who push marriage between same sexes have zero tolerance for freedom of conscience. Mihet is promoting this propaganda with his own added to it. He asked Romanians to remember the bad, old days under Communism when they were persecuted and also imprisoned solely due to their conscience.

Secularists contest such claims made by Davis and Mihet. They want to ask what kind of loss of freedoms U.S. Christians have suffered from the time of legalization of same-sex marriage in America. The standard response, in this case, is that devout Christians are forced to do torturous activities like baking cakes for same-sex couples.


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