Court Rules Kim Davis Can Be Sued For Refusing Marriage Licenses to Same-sex Couples

Court Rules Kim Davis Can Be Sued For Refusing Marriage Licenses to Same-Sex Couples

Kentucky ordered to pay $224,000 to four couples who sued Kim Davis for legal fees. Kentucky has been ordered to pay close to a

Gay Man Denied Marriage License Lose Primary Bid to Kim Davis

Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Loses Primary Bid

Elwood Caudill won the Democratic nomination Rowan County in Kentucky saw a few interesting events happen during May. The place is ground zero for

Kim Davis Romania

Kim Davis, Who Refused to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Is in Romania to Help Fight Same-Sex Marriage

Romanians face a referendum on gay marriage Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who became infamous for a brief period of time for

Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Anti-LGBT Religious Freedom Law

Controversial Mississippi anti-LGBT religious law blocked by Judge House Bill 1523, a 2016 Mississippi law protecting the beliefs that, (i) a marriage is a

Mormon Leader: Religion Can’t Get In The Way of Doing Your Job

Mormon Elder Oaks calls for balance in disputes of religious freedom. Tuesday was a significant day as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Westboro Pickets Kim Davis: She’s a “Fake Christian”

Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside Rowan County, Kentucky courthouse. Kim Davis has come under fire again, and this time it's the Westboro Baptist Church

Kim Davis Secretly Meets with Pope, Given the Cost of Discipleship Award

Kim Davis gets and award for standing strong with her religious beliefs and secretly met Pope Francis in Washington. Several groups have never ceased

Kim Davis Gets a Huge Surprise in Her Hometown and Still Resists Court Orders

Nonprofit organization criticizes county clerk Kim Davis' anti-gay beliefs with billboard. After spending six days in jail for disobeying court orders, Kim Davis was

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Sent to Jail on Charges of Contempt of Court

Kim Davis Jailed for Refusing to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses A federal judge ordered a county clerk in Kentucky to jail on charges of

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Will be Followed by New Legal Battles

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr thinks the decision puts the free exercise of religion in danger. On June 26, the court ruled by