Gay Man Denied Marriage License Lose Primary Bid to Kim Davis

Gay Man Denied Marriage License by Kim Davis Loses Primary Bid

Gay Man Denied Marriage License Lose Primary Bid to Kim Davis
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Elwood Caudill won the Democratic nomination

Rowan County in Kentucky saw a few interesting events happen during May. The place is ground zero for Democrats trying to outvote Kim Davis, the notorious anti-gay County clerk. David Ermold was one of the few Democratic challengers. Ermold is one of the gay men Davis refused to provide a marriage license to a few years back.

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Ermold was no longer in the contention for being the Democratic candidate to challenge Davis, a Republican. He could not muster up sufficient numbers even after he out-earned the race's primary opponent by a minimum of $200,000 from about 48 states. The winner in the Democratic race was Elwood Caudill. He will compete against Davis in the elections scheduled to be held in November. Ermold was gracious in his loss.

Davis, the sitting County Clerk, made headlines in 2015 after she did not issue marriage licenses when same-sex couples asked for them. She cited her religious beliefs as a cause for her refusal. Davis then served five days jail time under the glare of the media. She chose to stay behind bars rather than succumbing to court orders which instructed her to legalize same-sex marriages.

Davis is again competing under the Republican ticket. No GOP challenges her nomination this time around. She has not spent any money or raised any number of funds for her re-election efforts. Ermold, the would-be challenger, was the recipient of Hollywood assistance. Well-known media personalities like Amy Schumer and Susan Sarandon both contributed to his campaign.

A video circulating in social media dated September 1, 2015, shows Ermold confront Davis in her office with David Moore, his partner. Moore is seen and heard to plead with her for an explanation. He is heard to have said that he pays her salary and pays her to discriminate against people like him. He then told her that gay couples have the same rights as she or any heterosexual couple have. Moore at the concluding portion of the video questions Davis on whether she would deny marriage certificates to interracial couples. The County Clerk answers in the negative, saying she would issue a marriage certificate to the couple if they were of different sexes. Ermold and Moore eventually got wed on October 31, 2015. They had a relationship of 17 years prior to tying the knot.

Davis herself has been married four times to three different men.


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