Ken Starr Under Evaluation for Head of International Religious Freedom Office

Ken Starr under consideration by Trump Administration for Office of International Religious Freedom position.

The Trump administration is considering Ken Starr to head the Office of International Religious Freedom.[/tweetit] The Office is a part of the State Department. The former President of Baylor University, Ken Starr shot into prominence as a Whitewater special prosecutor known for his zeal to pursue charges instituted against Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States. The issue in question was a sex scandal which engulfed the White House during that time.

Ken Starr Under Evaluation for Head of International Religious Freedom Office[/tweetthis]

If Starr ascends the post, he will be the head of team which monitors religious persecution. It also analyzes religious discrimination present all over the world. The Office of International Religious Freedom develops a number of programs when it comes to promoting freedom in religion.

Starr was forced to resign from Baylor University in 2016. He was compelled to submit his resignation after it was found that Baylor University, a Baptist University situated in Waco, Texas was almost inactive when it came to responding to sexual assault accusations involving a number of football players. He was removed by the Baylor Board of Regents following an investigation into the events that determined reports were mishandled during his tenure.

The possible picks for this position come after a week of a large number of human rights advocates, religious leaders and scholars signed a letter to President Donald J. Trump. The letter urged the president to name a suitable candidate to the ambassador-at-large position during the initial 100 days of the Trump presidency. The action was coordinated by 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative.

The letter that the president, by nominating the International Religious Freedom’s ambassador-at-large during the first 100 days of his presidency, could signal the commitment of the president to freedom of conscience and people of faith. This action, they reasoned, neither needs new legislation or the imposition of new taxes. On the other hand, the action strengthens the already highly effective offices.

Other names in the shortlist include Johnnie Moore Jr. and Nina Shea. Shea works as a lawyer for human rights at the Hudson Institute, a conservative institution. She told the media of her disinterest in taking up the position. Moore is a member of the evangelical advisory board under Trump.

The most recent Ambassador, Rabbi David Saperstein, had worked as an ambassador in this role for the preceding two years.


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